Female Faces

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Few carvings of female faces where I have experimented with different face/skull shapes and hair styles to give each face its uniqueness.
Each face is carved from 1.5 sq inch linden wood and finished with linseed oil and oil stains followed by coat paste wax.

Jesus -3

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Few other carvings of Jesus knife carved from linden wood and finished with linseed oil and oil stains.


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Four carvings of monks in meditative peace. These are very fun carvings that are also quick to carve.
Carved from linseed wood and finished only with coat of linseed oil.

Barowski Brothers

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Barowski brothers are simple country folks that value what they have and don’t envy what they don’t. Life is full of surprises, they will tell you, make sure you enjoy the ones you like and overcome the ones you don’t.

Knife carved from linden wood 1.5 Sq inch and 6 inches tall and finished with oil stains and paste wax.


Alena and her grand mother

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Though decades separate Alena and her grandmother, their mutual admiration binds them closer together. They share their mutual passion for gardening and love to learn from each other about times that have gone by and times we live in. In this world where our respect for elders is rapidly disappearing, their relationship is an inspiration for us all.
Knife carved on 1.5 sq inch linden wood 6 inches tall and finished with oil stains and finishing wax.


Lozano Brothers

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Alberto and Carlos own a farm outside the village by the river. It is hard work but they enjoy ever minute of it. They also enjoy welcoming people, especially children to their farm as they believe children ought to learn where their food comes from and people who make it possible.

Knife carved from 1.5 sq inch by 6 inches tall linden wood and finished with oil stains.



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Alex has that rare combination of good looks and personality that always turns heads his way where ever he happen to be. Add a bit of humor to that as well and his charm is irresistible. Once a lady asked him if he would be willing to share some of his looks with her to which he replied: “I was just about to ask you that”.

Knife carved from 1.5 sq inch linden wood 6 inches tall and finished with oil stain.


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